Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is where an organization outsources its recruitment functions to an external provider. RPO providers manage the entire recruitment life cycle on behalf of their clients, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and extending offers.

RPO is a rapidly growing industry, and there are several reasons why companies are increasingly turning to RPO providers for help with their hiring needs.

First, RPO can save companies time and money. By outsourcing the recruitment process to an RPO provider, companies can free up internal resources that can be better used elsewhere. Furthermore, RPO providers have access to a larger pool of candidates than most companies, which increases the chances of finding the right candidate for the job. Finally, RPO providers are experts in the latest recruiting technologies and techniques, which is advantageous when augmenting in-house efforts.

What is ROD (Recruiting on Demand)?

With recruiting on demand (ROD), organizations can get the help they need when they need it. Here, we provide the same resources and TA professionals we would with RPO, but the client manages the talent instead of us. On-demand recruitment is very fast, flexible, and can be used by organizations of any size or industry. For some, this approach may be preferable because it provides the same benefits of RPO, but without a long-term commitment.

You may want to consider ROD if:

  • Your hiring needs are acute or you need to fill a niche role
  • You need to augment your in-house recruitment team on a case-by-case basis
  • You’re experiencing abnormal employee turnover

ROD is also a great way to “test drive” a TA provider if you’re considering a full-cycle RPO solution in the future. All of our Hive members will become ingrained in your business, allowing you to utilize them in a way that is totally compatible with how you work.


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